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Formally trained painter, Bryant Locher, let MPLS Creates spend the day in his Sound Gallery studio while he created a piece using masking tape and spray paint for his new body of work, to be exhibited at Gallery 13 in July. "No matter what medium you are creating with, it is critical that you understand the elements of fine art and composition. Know your craft. There's plenty of Tumblr art out there. Aim for more!"


How do you get such clean, straight lines using spray paint?

Using the tape correctly helps me get those straight lines. I could never do that with just paint and my shaky hands. But there is bleed sometimes that I have to go back over and fix. Especially when I switch angles or change my mind on colors.  I have to have this mental picture of what I'm taping; but then it's still somewhat of a Christmasy, anxiety thing where I'm like, okay, I'm taking off the cover, what is this going to look like? And there are more often moments of YES and relief that it worked out the way I wanted it to, with the occasional F, there's something to change or fix.

Wait, What?! Spray paint heads come in different shapes and sizes?

Yeah, it turns out to be a very precise tool to work with. Deciding which head to use can drastically change the aesthetic of your final piece. Same goes for what type of spray paint you use and mix together. No one thinks you'd need science or math as a working artist but my high school teacher was right, when you're older and use spray paint, you will have to use geometry EVERY DAY. Pay attention.

Where did the concept to use stripes and checkers for your new series come from?

Dazzle camouflage. It was a technique that started in WWI. They painted the battleships with this irregular strip, when they were first using iron battle ships.  From a distance, it would totally screw up the eye.  Enemies wouldn't be able to tell how far away or what shape the ship was. Its purpose was to disorient the vision. So, I had seen those images and patterns and my new pieces are really exploring those ideas. I like playing around with perspective and different angles but I like to make it look simple as well. My most recent pieces are very intentional, I have an image in my head that I want to create before I create it. So it becomes less of a free hand process and more of a lengthy, thought out process. 

Exhibit Information: Folded Space opens July 12th at Gallery 13 (811 Lasalle Ave). Free opening but don't forget that CC, all works are for sale! You will want to hang every piece on all of your walls.


CONNECT with Bryant! He is one of our MENTORS and would be happy to collaborate!

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Video, Photography, and Copy created by Kristina Perkins

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