Hanna Jungbauer's Wisdom Teeth

When Hanna Jungbauer was a little girl she liked to play "Morge" instead of house. During my visit she was readying for her show at Rogue Buddha over the weekend, as she proudly showcased feathers, wings, skulls, bits of fabric and antique photographs others had tossed in the trash; oh, and her sister's wisdom teeth. Hanna is currently focusing on her jewelry designs, incorporating any number of found or upcycled bits of this and that. She is also a talented fabric artist, painter, bone sculptor–the list goes on and on. Every nook and cranny of her basement studio is adorned with something touched by her magic wand. It seems she has a real knack for finding the diamond in the rough. 

So, where do you find all the bones, skulls, teeth, feathers, wings? 
It's mixed bag. I am so thankful to have amazing friends who are thoughtful and willing to do trades, for bugs. Friends from farms who walk the fields, or my buddies who are avid hunters, and rather not throw away a carcass, but watch me try and take it apart.  If its a rare find, (I.E. shark teeth, or even Fulgurite (( When lightening hits sand and turns to glass)) I head to M'OR Design in Harmar

What's your day job?
I wear so many hats. I'll name two.
I'm a PCA ( Personal Care Attendant) for three awesome kids with medical needs. We do everything from nail painting to homework. Its a fun challenge. I have learned that kids are always funny and I hate doing “New Math”. AND! I'm an FDA approved Odor Judge. 
When deodorants are in the pre-making stage, just before, and maybe when they add fragrance, they need to test it and get it approved. I am trained to smell the bad through the good. In Layman's terms, I sniff armpits and really funky jars with product in them, then rate them with my team. Once the product passes, it goes on to production. There is a lot more to this job and I could go on forever. It has evolved a lot since the one picture on google of the women in lab coats sniffing armpits, but I'm the next wave of that. You have to have a sense of humor in the field and a pretty unbiased nose.

A lot of your work includes recycled or upcycled fabric, buttons, jewelry etc... How do you scout dumpster diving locales? What's your best find?
First I check businesses. They are the best. Surplus usually ends up in the back often times unbroken. I then comb the ally ways of St.Paul on the weekends. People clean their garages on Saturdays it seems. If I’m out of town, I ask a local when their trash day is and head out the day before. Location is key. The college kids in the well to do schools DO NOT CARE what they toss out. At any given time you can find GOLD! Artistic or Pawn-able GOLD!

I can't name my best find, its a toss up, so here are my top 4; 
1) I did at one point furnish my whole living room from Pier One on Grand Ave.
2) I kept finding bikes one summer. I would fix them and sell them. That year my grand total was 9.
3) I once found a whole wardrobe post garage sale, designer clothing, dresses, shoes, everything in my size, most of it still had the store tags on it. 
4) Lastly, I found an antique Mahogany Queen Anne Side Chair that was worth a mint. 

Find more: www.facebook.com/TwinCitiesFancy
Connect: HJBauer@hotmail.com
Instagram: TwinCitiesFancy

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