Go Create

Hello, Minneapolis! Thanks for stopping by. Soooooo here's the deal:

WHAT IS MPLS CREATES: A community organization focused on the action of CREATING! We hope to create and encourage participation from observation.

WHY IN THE WORLD DOES MPLS CREATES EXIST: The creative community can seem so focused on the final product of the work created, SO we want to see how you get there. We want MPLS to engage with emerging and established creatives. MPLS Creates provides the platform for the creative process as well as the hub for resources on how to make your creative ideas happen.

WHAT CAN I DO: Check our site once a week for a new feature of a local creative. Send us your recommendations for creatives who could benefit from a feature. Ask us questions about resources and creatives we can connect you to. LIKE us on Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, and all of the things and places.

START CREATING: Each month we will have a CALL TO CREATE with a different theme. We'd love to see what that theme inspires you to create by posting your process and final product on our Facebook page or submitting it via email [info@mplscreates.com]. Group shows of the work you create will be exhibited throughout the year. Stay tuned for that info.  Until then, May's theme is WALK IN THE PARK.

Thanks for helping us start the conversation!


We're motivated creatives who recently learned that we really need to work through our on camera anxieties. Woah. Nonetheless, this video should give you a brief overview of what we are trying to accomplish by starting MPLS Creates!

Video created by Jennifer Sandquist, Hans Hamann, and Kristina Perkins. Music by Hans. Big thanks to Erin Kirby for use of her super rad house.