Justin Holzedl's Two Wheeled Lens

Initially joining Instagram as a way to keep in touch with his family in California, Justin Holzedl now uses the visual, social tool as a way to build a supportive, creative community, and explore different perspectives as @the_view_from_my_bike, even without an iPhone! ;p

How do you cultivate a supportive community on Instagram?

I think the easiest way to do that is by using hashtags. There are so many feature sites out there and by using hashtags, you increase your chances of being recognized and featured. Those accounts cultivate people from different countries and different cities who normally wouldn't see your work. And for me, it has been a matter of following a lot of people who are posting either similar or very different photographs than the ones I am creating. With that, liking their work, commenting on what they create, and engaging with them that way.

Why do you choose to create with your phone via your bicycle?

Once I started a personal account for just images I create while riding my bike, it became habit. Part of me was riding so I could take pictures and another part of me was taking pictures as an excuse to go bike riding! I grew up in LA so, naturally, there are a lot of things that I see while biking around MPLS that I never saw biking around LA; lakes, skyline, other cyclists, etc. Because I do have a lot of friends who follow my account, I want to show them how awesome MPLS is! And doing this on my bike allows me to see a totally different city than one I would see from my car.

What editing apps and filters do you like to use?

I mostly use VSCO and Snapseed. Creating and editing my photographs outside of the Instagram app, though they have recently upgraded their filters and editing capabilities. I don't really have a favorite filter or preset that I use on every image.


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Copy + Photographs of Justin created by Kristina Perkins

Remaining photographs created by Justin during our downtown ride!

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