Because It's Fun with Lord Gord

The curly haired front man of local, self proclaimed "Flower Punk" band Teenage Moods doesn't just do music. He also has a talent for painting and most recently has taken up video production. It seems that just as long as he has enough pizza... something creative will be coming from Gordon Byrd.

How long have you been making music and how did it start?
I was fifteen or sixteen back in '95. I met a new kid on my school bus who was the only other person I'd met who knew of and liked the Flaming Lips. He played bass and told me I should play guitar so we could start a band. I got a cheap guitar and we started a band before I knew how to play a chord. The rest of the story gets more an more embarrassing, so we'll save it for next time. I'm still self taught, play by ear, don't know any scales, and couldn't tell you why I write anything besides the fact it pleases or satisfies me on some level. 

Where did you learn to make music videos? 
I'm self taught in that regard as well. I fortunately was getting some interview editing work at my media conversion job and had enough ideas and possibilities instantly swirling around that I couldn't avoid trying to make somethings for myself, which led to making some videos for friends, leading to making videos for friendly people I maybe wouldn't know otherwise. I'll always be learning but it's felt like an easy and enjoyable immersion.

How did you come up with the name Teenage Moods?
Our bassist Jillian put that name on the top of a fake flier that was hanging up at the place where the original was all working. We were shouting at her to start a band because it made so much sense even though she had never played an instrument. The name just seemed like it could sound like anything and it had this cool yet generic timelessness to it.

What else are you working on?
Well the video stuff is time consuming as I test out doing proper live/event shooting and editing, band stuff is not as all encompassing as it was the last few years. I'm only playing guitar and singing in one band instead of three. I'm getting to play bass in Matt and Gabe from Retainers' new band Joust which is fun and ferocious when it happens. I'm working on paintings occasionally. I work on eating pizza and playing indie video games. I work on breathing and relaxing. 

What’s your favorite video to date?
That I've done? Maybe the Prissy Clerks "Blast Off Girls" video. That was the first time I was offered any compensation to shoot and edit and they unknowingly gave me some familiar territory for it's theme: pizza and video games! With almost no resources at all and using my bedroom walls as a green screen it's about as lo-fi as 8-bit itself. It features as a background what Dylan was playing in the opening shots, recorded to VHS and then digitized.

Name a Minneapolis Artist that inspires you.
Emily Angelo, hair artist. Hard working and truly brilliant.

What’s your favorite hot dish?

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Copy by Jennifer Sandquist
Photos by Emily Angelo & Gordon Byrd

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