Daniel Jaffe the Flying Wolf Dog

Daniel Jaffe works mainly in paper but also draws, paints, makes prints, and does installation work. He is highly influenced by pop art , modern, and contemporary movements along with graffiti. Daniel was born Minneapolis, Minnesota in 1984 where he currently resides.

How long have you been doing papercuts?
I've been cutting paper now for about 5 years now .

Your works are so intricate... How long do these take? What tools do you use?
A paper piece of mine can take anywhere from 2 hours 16 or more. Depending on size and detail. I use scissors and recently started using an X-acto knife.

How did you get started in the first place?
I got into paper cutting when I had a buddy moving out of town and he had to get rid of 20 pounds of construction paper.

What gets your creative juices flowing?
A lot of things fuel my creative fire, music can a big one. Stumbling upon some new artist I've never seen before, or just watching Antiques Road Show. I got really into this potter named George E. Ohr (America's first art potter) who I learned about because of Antiques Road Show. He'd make things like puzzle mugs that you would have to know how to drink out of them or you'd spill your drink all over. And he would create all of these weird shapes and handles on vessels. I just went off of those images I had seen of his work to create my paper cuts for my last series. That and I'm really inspired and influenced by Greek Mythology so the shapes I used in my vessels reflect that.

What are you currently creating?
I'm working on a larger paper cut series of psychedelic retro greek beach sunbathers!

What's your spirit animal?
My spirit animal is a flying wolf dog that has a baseball bat for a tail and bagels for eyes.

Daniel's studio is attached to Modern Times Cafe. To see more of Daniel's work or to connect with him to collaborate: http://www.danieljaffeart.com/

Photographs created by Kristina Perkins