Desiree Forget

Creative. Jewelry Maker. Completely Awesome Human.

Selling her products through Facebook, Instagram, boutiques, and local art/craft fairs, Desiree is a self taught creator of lovely, vintage inspired jewelry for the last couple of years. MPLS Creates had so much fun and laughed way too much while chatting with Desiree and learning her creative process!

What does a day in the studio look like for you?

Creating jewelry and coming up with puns that make me laugh at myself. AND Beans [adorable cat] climbing all over all of the things.

How many vendors do you use for your materials?


How did you come up with the constellation idea for your earrings?

I am really into dinosaurs, and meteors, and space this year with what I am creating. Last year, there was a lunar eclipse on my birthday and that really inspired me to create more related to space, and stars, and glow in the dark things--things that make me happy!

What percentage do galleries and boutiques take for your work sold?

Half. Generally half. At best, 60/40. That's why I only sell at a few stores. I also need to charge more for what I am making. I don't price it high enough to make selling in private locations worth it. I don't think it is fair for me to price gouge someone just because I only see half of the profit. I determine my price point by time it takes, price of materials, and then researching if there are similar items online with comparable prices.

Do you sell a lot of work internationally?

You know, this year I did! A lot in Sweden, surprising, Australia, and London. 

Were there any tutorials or websites that you referenced when you were starting out?

Mostly, trial and error. Unless it is a process that is really difficult. The one thing that I did read a lot about before starting was etching, acid etching. Basically, I didn't want to kill myself attempting that. I like finding easier ways to create what I want to create but if I see someone else's process that works really well, I can appreciate that.

Check out Desiree creating a pair of her constellation earrings:


You can find Desiree and all of her Owl & Lark creations at Art-a-Whirl this weekend!  She will have a booth set up in the 331 parking lot!

Connect with Desiree: Facebook // Instagram

Video shot by Jake Ryan, edited by Kristina Perkins

Photographs created by Kristina Perkins