Kirsten Zache is Positively Square

Kirsten Zache is a designer, writer, and an advocate for social positivity. She maintains the blog Meeting Flannel where she chronicles the hilarity of and the sometimes embarrassing moments encountered when dating in the Midwest. She has also created a movement called [Positively Square] that is sure to brighten everyone's day from now until the end of time.

Write Positively. Post Proudly. When did you start Positively Square?

I started this three years ago. The very first square I gave out was to this guy at the bus stop. He was being really creepy, I thought. He started to talk to me late at night, asking me about my day and I asked him about his day and he said "I just gave bone marrow to my niece who is dying." Oh my God. Then our bus pulled up and I didn't know what to say, so I pulled out a Positively Square and I just wrote on there, 'Whatever happens, I hope everything goes well.' And that's the first one I gave out. They're good for those moments when you don't know what to say or do.

Why did you create Positively Square?

It's kind of cool because I get to see that people have retweeted that they found a square I left for them on their bike and it made their day! And I think, ok good.  That's the movement doing what I set out for it to do. Previously I went to hospitals and parks to try and give them out but now that I am working more, I have stopped doing this as much.

Would you ever want to have a street team for Positively Square?

Yeah, that would be awesome! Because I want to grow and what I like about this is that it isn't digital.  It is a physical thing.  And we kind of lose that in this day and age. But I know that social media is still important for people so I need to update the physical squares that I hand out to include my Instagram, Twitter, and Facebook.  I do want this to be promoted via social media.  It is a social movement so that only makes sense. And someone doesn't have to repost the square that is given to them but it helps to spread the word a bit.

Have you looked into continued funding for Positively Square?  Even just printing costs, etc?

It's weird because when I was really in the momentum of making these and getting them out the door to the public, I would get people emailing me saying they wanted their own set.  So I just started mailing these and fronting all of the cost for printing and shipping. I was unemployed too, so it wasn't the smartest move. Then people started asking me how much they were but I never excepted money. It would be cool now if I excepted either donations or a small amount for sending packs out to people that half of the cost would go to printing, mailing, and the other half would go to an anti-bullying organization or something. That's the future path I want to take!

[Positively Square has a BRAND NEW website that Kirsten created. If you'd like to join Positively Square's street team, connect with Kirsten through email:]

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Photographs  and interview created by Kristina Perkins