Murder of Bros: A Dudechoir

I’m excited to be creating for me. If I take your money, I have to create what you want and I don’t want to do that. This might not make me any money but it makes me happy and that is awesome.
— andy mcinnis

Why did you create Murder of Bros: A Dude Choir?

Peter: Well, I can't say I created Murder of Bros, but I can say what it means to me. I never listened to music more intently than in middle school and high school (in the 90s), when it was my best friend in the world. And I always sang along, to CDs or REV105 or whatever, in harmony. So I'm kind of re-living that time and experience now, but sharing that friendship with the company of great [human!] friends. And simultaneously, in a small way, redefining masculinity and brotherhood for myself/ourselves, in sharing a dude-ish space without all the competition, aggression, and binarism that made masculine spaces incredibly alienating for me during adolescence. But also, I just think it feels good to sing with other people.

Andy: The concept is really Jeffy's brain child. I just wanted to sing and also have creative input. Jeffy and I got to singing. Then, we got to talking. Then, we got to drinking. Then, I puked into his screen door. Then, we knew we were on to something huge.

What's your favorite snack?

Peter: is beer a snack?

Andy: Fruit platter. Why? = Shit's fruity.

If you could collaborate with another creative in the MPLS, who would it be?

Peter: Teenage Moods

Andy: This is gonna sound like a cop-out but there are far too many talented ass people in this city to choose. I would not collaborate with that one smelly guy though.

What is your process, pre-creating?

Peter: uhhmm

Andy: My process usually involves getting super weird. Red meat, ummm ... beer happens. Auditions happen on the first new moon of every month. The key of G determines our repertoire. 

Nirvana rehearsal

Murder of Bros is: Peter Hogan, Jeff Hnilicka, Andy McInnis, Jadrian Miles, A.P. Looze, Paul ClarkScotty Reynolds, Andrew Nelsen Csavoy, Jael O'Hare, Matt Zumwalt, Garrett Ferderber//Absent for feature: Scott Artley, Aron Lorber, Bryan Pyle

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Photos, video, and audio created by Kristina Perkins