Ryan Kidder: Good Work for Good People

Designer, business owner, and above all, family man, Ryan Kidder let's MPLS Creates in on his creative process.  After spending the afternoon with Kidder and his son (aka our new favorite photography assistant), we can tell you that he is creating smart design with purpose and passion!

Your desk is so clean! Where are all of your design sketches?

I don't hang on to my concept sketches once a project is over. It is so easy to criticize and critique my own work that I could just sit and second guess everything I create for months after a project is complete if I don't physically remove that temptation. All designs are created with Illustrator once I am done sketching. The concept proposals start as sort of a brain dump and the I break down the process from there to get to my final product. I think it is just as valuable for the client to recognize the significance of my choices as it is for me to visually lay out my process.

A client approaches you about creating a logo for their business, how many options do you create for their concept?

I do a really thorough job at creative briefing and asking questions ahead of time. In my opinion, if you do your homework up front and your process is solid, you should be able to hit it the first go around without presenting more than one or two options. It will take me an average of 16 hours to complete a logo process. I spend a month or so for clients that I am creating a full brand identity concept. I look at that on more of a partnership level because a lot of those clients are just starting their first business. Our relationship covers more business management aspects than a typical freelance designer might cover. 

Is design something you'd like to stick with for a while?

Definitely.  It's hard for me to get motivated if I'm not emotionally investing in the project, ya know? After I got my degree I had no desire to be some junior designer at an agency and work crazy hours.  So, I became a jack of all trades; painting, working over nights at a group home, freelance, etc until the opportunity of my current day job presented itself.  And as much as I would love to be full time freelance again (long term goal!), it is hard to walk away from the structure and stability that is already at my day job. There is so much crazy talent in this city. I don't think I'll ever be the best at what I do but I am lucky to be able to support my family through design.

Do you have a client or genre preference that you like to design for?

I like working with nice people! It sounds cheesy but my mantra is 'good work for good people' and I believe that if I set the tone for that type of respectful, open, and trustworthy client, that's the type of client I will attract.  I updated my contract last year and realized how important that language is because it outlines all expectations involving product and conduct for the entire partnership. 

CONNECT + COLLABORATE with Ryan! [INSTAGRAM] kidder84 [WEBSITE] www.rkgdesign.com 

Photography + Copy created by Kristina Perkins

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