Worker B: Hardworking Products for Hardworking People

Why do you create?

We make hardworking products for hardworking people. All the ingredients being used are necessary and have a purpose.  The products are multifunctional and long lasting.

What are you creating?

While we primarily offer a skincare collection, Worker B now has expanded with beeswax candles, raw honey, and a collection of honeybee (and pollinator!) inspired apparel.  We are currently working on some new candles and an SPF day cream.

Which medium/s do you use?

The Worker B philosophy begins in the beehive.  We keep a number of hives personally both top bar and traditional Langstroth hives.  We cannot produce nearly what we need on our own so we also work with other trusted beekeepers.  Working hands-on with beekeepers has put us in touch with the inner workings of the beehive.  This allows us to procure hive products – raw honey, beeswax, propolis – directly and maintain strict control of the methods used in and around the beehives.  We source only from chemical, antibiotic and pesticide free hives.  Additionally, we source only from non-migratory beekeepers, familiar with the unique terrain and landscapes the honeybees call home.  The result is clean, pure hive ingredients from sustainable beekeepers.  Developing personal relationships with dedicated beekeepers is what sets Worker B apart from other “bee-based” companies.  We extend this approach to our entire ingredient collection sourcing raw, unrefined, wild-crafted and organic.

What is the state of our local bee and honey environment? Environmentally and socially.

Tricky question! Overall, the honeybee faces many challenges.  Pesticides, mono-crop agriculture and commercial pollination have all taken their toll on the honeybee.  While more readily in the news now than ever before, the problem hasn’t changed much.  Overall, I believe that honeybees are the “canary in the coal mine,” a potential sign of larger issues to come.  

Locally, we are seeing many folks start their own beehives, become more involved with neighborhood beekeeping and just planting more native wildflowers.  All of this combined with a better knowledge base and youth education and involvement is terrific to see.

Honey-wise things are changing quickly!  Great to see consumers asking solely for raw honey – that’s where all of the beneficial enzymes and added nutrients are.  Additionally, we are seeing more varietal honeys or honey from specific flowers.  Depending on the primary flower source, the resulting honey can have a wide range of flavors from light to dark, fruity to earthy.  We take this to the extreme in the Worker B studio . . .we currently have a selection of over 30 honeys from all of the world, showcasing different flowers from all kinds of landscapes.  Stop by for a honey tasting!

What are the best and most challenging aspects of being a creative in MPLS?

The twin cities have a terrific scene for local makers.  We have a local focused, well-educated customer base that really wants to know who is growing their produce and making their products.  They are looking for that personal connection.  Additionally, the Twin Cities has a tremendous number of farmers markets, food Co-ops, and art venues/events.  All of these give local makers an outlet to engage the public.

All of these outlets can present a challenge too.  What are the best places to be seen?  Is one market better than another?  Often times there are multiple events that we would like to be at, but not enough time or manpower to get to them all!  Additionally, with such a vibrant maker community, competition (although good-hearted) for space/press/customers can be fierce!  I say this happily ☺

Do you have any events or exhibits in the next three months that you would like to promote?

We have Art Attack weekend coming up at the Worker B studio this weekend and then quite a few local events in November and December.  Here’s the list:

How can the community connect with you?

Studio! While we are in the studio more often than not, we have no set hours and work by appointment.  Always up for a honey tasting or just plain conversation. Northrup King Building #272

Events: We have a good variety of events on the schedule for this season.  Check them out HERE

Facebook// Twitter: @workerbbuzz//Email: – new website coming soon!


Interview of Michael @ Worker B by KP. Images provided by Worker B. 

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