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We had a chance to catch up with Renee and Tim Peters of Zula Juice during their Saturday morning at Mill City Market. Not only are they incredibly wonderful humans, they are so passionate about creating a completely raw, fresh, local, pressed, and organic juice option for your every day--no small print or exceptions! While Peter was talking with and giving samples to everyone who came by the table, Renee answered a few questions:

What was it about the current cleansing options that made you decide to start creating your own juices?

It didn't really start with cleansing for me. I've always loved working out and eating healthy but after the birth of my four boys I wasn't really feeling my best. I began juicing for myself; my skin cleared up, my hormones leveled off, and I had so much more energy. I love coffee, LOVE coffee--the entire experience. I will never give that up but I had become so reliant on that to get through my day. So, I starting cleansing and that was much more of a mental journey as oppose to a physical journey, I discovered. It really gave me the chance to hit the reset button, on not only my taste buds but my entire person. Great for your body and great for your mind.

What was the process like, getting organic certified?

The actual certificate process wasn't as laborious as we thought because we know our product so well and it is what we say it is. So often we see the "organic" label on foods that we consume but what does that really mean? Organic: when available. Or, organic: when affordable...which is never. These certifications also include your kitchen's cleaning methods and we wanted juice that someone living with cancer could drink, something more medicinal grade. 

You and Tim present Zula and its mission in such a way that is so approachable to people who are new to the cleansing process. Is education and outreach an intentional passion for your long term creating?

When we tell people about our juice, we really do believe it is the best thing that you can be drinking! Down the road, we'd love to do more education events, training, etc. Juicing has been around forever but it is so trendy right now that we'd really like to make education as a part of what we're creating. It will only help the community when making healthy living choices and it will certainly help us when they see that our juice is exactly what we say it is. In the future, we'd also love to do little bios on the farmers and local vendors we get our ingredients from. And when we have a retail location, we'd love to be able to feature local artists on the wall and really be in touch with our amazing Minneapolis community! It's been so fun already, connecting with local creators and getting to know each other's businesses.

Same page, Zula Juice. Same page.


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Photographs + Copy created by Kristina Perkins

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